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BEAUREGARD, J. de. Aux rives du Bosphore. Dessins à la plume, de O'Netty et illustrations, Lyon, Vitte, 1896.

This is a highly interesting short travel account with abundant illustrations, published in the late 19th century. It describes a journey from Zaghreb to Belgrade, Sofia, Plovdiv and Edirne, with Istanbul as final destination.

The account is illustrated by engravings based on drawings by O'Netty, which depict mainly public buildings, monuments and other sights on the big cities visited by the author, and also human types and itinerant traders.

Thanks to its original subjects, precise drawings and attention to detail, and also to its rare photographs, this short account constitutes a precious source on the “image” of these important cities in the late 19th century.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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