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FANELLI, Francesco. Atene Attica Descritta da suoi Principii sino all’acquisto fatto dall’Armi Venete nel 1687…, Venice, Antonio Bortoli, 1707.

Little is known about Francesco Fanelli. He was not present during the bombardment of the Parthenon, yet twenty years later he wrote a very detailed description of the events of the Venetian Morosini’s campaign against Ottoman-held Athens. Fanelli’s account was based on authentic first-hand testimonies. His work, of which this is the first and only edition, opens with a review of the city’s history, from antiquity until the conquest of the Acropolis by the Ottomans. The second part is a description of Athenian monuments. Fanelli publishes the first plans made by Venetian engineers using surveying instruments. The last part of the work narrates the Siege of Athens by Francesco Morosini.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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