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ZUALLART, Jean. Il devotissimo viaggio di Gerusalemme fatto, & descritto in sei libri dal Sig. Giovanni Zuallardo, Cavaliero del Santiss Sepolcro di N.S. l'anno 1586..., Rome, F. Zanetti & Gia Ruffinelli, MDLXXXVII [=1587].

Jean Zuallart (1541-1634) was mayor of the town of Ath in Hainaut, Belgium, from 1584 to 1634. He made the pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1586. He was in Rome in 1585 accompanying Philippe de Mérode, Baron of Frentzen in his tour of Italy and Germany, when de Merode suggested that they travel to Palestine. In order to gain an income, Zuallart learned to draw in four months and was thus able to illustrate the account of his pilgrimage, thus setting it apart from similar works, and ensuring a success that led to several reeditions.

Zuallart and other members of the clergy sailed out from Venice in June 1586. They followed the classic maritime route, toured the Holy Land and returned to Venice in November 1586. Zuallart's account was published in Rome in 1587. It was translated into German and French, and was expanded in subsequent editions. Historical and geographical information and citations of Greek and Latin authors make of Zuallart's chronicle a “travel guide” for pilgrims, marked by immediacy, honesty and audacity.

Writteb by Ioli Vingopoulou

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