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BREUNING VON BUCHENBACH, Hans Jacob. Orientalische Reyß [...] , Strasbourg, Johann Carolo, 1612.

Hans Jacob Breüning Von Buchenbach (1552-1616) belonged to an old noble family of Tübingen and received a classical education. He met Jean Carlier de Pinon in London and in Paris. They went on the pilgrimage to the Holy Land together in 1579.

They left Venice on April 30th 1579, carrying with them the works of Greek and Roman geographers as well as earlier travel chronicles. After stopping over at the Ionian and the Aegean islands, they reached Istanbul on the 22nd of June. They stayed at the Ottoman capital for approximately a month, visited Egypt and finally arrived at the Holy Land. Breuning returned to Marseilles in December 1579.

In 1584 he became a judge and an administrative official in Obervogt region. We also know that he was head of a diplomatic mission to the court of Elizabeth II of England in 1595.

His travel chronicle, illustrated with numerous engravings, was published in 1612. Breuning is interested in the particularities of the ethnicities he came to know during his journey, is fond of description and a keen observer. These features differentiate his work from Carlier de Pinon’s chronicle of the same journey.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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