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REUILLY, Jean Baron de. Voyage en Crimée et sur les bords de la Mer Noire, pendant l'année 1803..., Paris, Bossange, Masson et Besson, 1806.

Jean Baron de Reuilly (1780-1810) was a French politician. As he notes in the introduction to his work, he travelled to Crimea in 1803, and published his impressions of his voyage in an account dedicated to the king of France. As he says, he owes much of the information he cites to an earlier similar edtion from which he borrows several excerpts. While in Crimea, he met P.S. Pallas, who informed him on social and economic conditions in the area.

Reuilly travelled from Saint Petersburg to Odessa and then reached Crimea. His account includes the geographic description of the peninsula, a description of its natural landscape, a historical overview, an exposition of the political and economic situation under Russian rule, details on social and private life of the inhabitants, and a description of Sevastopol. The edition includes tables showing ancient coins collected by the author, as well as information on exportations and importations in Odessa, prices of products in 1803 and a detailed map of Sevastopol port.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulouυ

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