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DU MONT, [Jean, Baron de Carlscroon]. Nouveau voyage du Levant, par le Sieur D. M. Contenant ce qu'il a vû de plus remarquable en Allemagne, France, Italie, Malthe, & Turquie..., The Hague, Etienne Foulque, MDCXCIV [=1694].

French publisher Jean Dumont Baron de Carlscroon (1667-1727) was born in Rouen. He served for a time in the German army, and later became professor of Law in Holland. After travelling in many European countries, Dumont finally settled in Austria. He published the accounts of his voyages, which became highly popular, and was named official historiographer to king Charles VI.

He wrote several works, among which are included travel accounts in epistolary form, with interesting information on public and private life in the countries visited by the author, and others which deal with politics and history. In addition, from 1692 to 1710 Du Mont was the editor of “Lettres Ηistoriques”, a periodical published twice a year, which covered the main events in Europe. The present edition includes illustrations with rare and original subjects for its time.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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