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CHENAVARD, Antoine-Marie. Six vues et détails dessinés à Athènes en MDCCCXLIII..., Lyon, Louis Perrin, MDCCCLVII [=1857].

Born in Lyon, The French architect Antoine Marie Chenavard (1787-1883), cousin to painter Paul Chenavard, studied at the Lyon School of Fine Arts and in the Paris School of Fine Arts (1809). He was a founding member of the Lyon Academic Society of Architecture, and taught at the School of Fine Arts of his native city from 1823 to 1861. Chenavard was selected to design the Opera de Lyon, and built several other public buildings and churches in France. He was also the author of a number of architectural and literary works.

Chenavard travelled to the East from September 1843 to January 1844, in the company of painter and fellow architect E. Rey, and architect J. M. Dalgabio. The party started out from Marseille, stopped over at Italy and Malta, travelled in Greece and Asia Minor for five months, and also made a short tour of Egypt.

The account of this journey was published in 1846. After the present work (1857), Chenavard published the Atlas to his journey, in a limited edition which included twenty-seven drawings of Athens and several others showing Delphi, Ithaca and locations in Egypt (1857).

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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