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LA CHAPPELLE, George de. Recuel de divers portraits des principales dames de la Porte du Grand Turc, tirée au naturel sur les lieux..., Paris, Chez Blond, [1648?].

The French artist George de La Chappelle was born in Caen, Normandy. He lived in Istanbul for several years, while La Haye served as ambassador of France to the Sublime Gate (1639-1660). Apparently, La Chapelle was in favour with other French ambassadors in the East as well, since he was able to paint from nature female figures of diverse ethnic groups, from Istanbul and other areas. His Album of drawings of women was published in 1648 and reprinted ten years later, in 1658.

From the mid-16th century, after the publication of Nicolas de Nicolay's series of human types of the East, the subject became very popular, while the public showed a special preference for female figures and costumes. In his Album, La Chapelle depicts women in typical costume with dynamic realism, and frames the main subject of the drawing with charming details. Well-known momuments and sights of the Ottoman capital are placed in the background of his paintings.

Writen by Ioli Vingopoulou

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