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GODARD - FAULTRIER, Victor. D'Angers au Bosphore pendant la guerre d'Orient: Constantinople, Athènes, Rome..., Angers, Consier et Lachèse, 1857.

In 1855 Victor Godart-Faultrier decided to travel to the East accompanied by his wife and son. His friend V. Guerin, former member of the French School in Athens, guaranteed the expenses of a scientific mission whose object would be to study Byzantine monuments in Athens and Istanbul, and advised him against travelling in the Eastern Mediterranean during the warm summer months.

Godart kept notes from his journey in the form of letters, which he addressed to eminent people of Angers. The content of the letters as well as the drawings made by Godart and his son were greatly appreciated by experts, who encouraged Godart to publish his work.

They reached Syros by way of Sicily and Malta, subsequently stopped over at Tinos, Andros and Chios and finally reached Izmir. From there they sailed on to Lesbos, Troy and the Dardanelles. Godart-Faultrier writes on the monuments and palaces of Istanbul, but also deals with contemporary events. He meets Armenians as well as Catholics, tours the Bosporus and does not omit the mandatory description of the graphic details of the East (bazaars, cafés, dervishes, everyday snapshots etc.), always so dear to readers.

From the Ottoman capital, they reached Piraeus by ship and stayed at Athens. The ancient Greek and Roman monuments of the city attracted Godart's attention, as did the Byzantine antiquities which scholars were just then starting to record and study. On their return trip, they stopped over at Malta, which he describes. They then stayed at Naples and toured the adjacent area and its numerous ancient monuments. Godart also gives a thorough description of Rome and its antiquities and sights. The edition of his travel account (1857) was illustrated with lithographs, which also circulated in a separate album.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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