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ABBOTT, George Frederick. A Tale of a Tour in Macedonia, London, Edward Arnold, 1903.

George Frederick Abbott (1874-1947) was a British writer and war correspondent. He studied at Cambridge. In 1900 the University entrusted him with a research mission in Macedonia, then still part of the Ottoman Empire. The journey's aim was to collect ethnographic material. During his time in Southern Europe (1900-1903) Abbott was also special correspondent for several London newspapers. At a later time, he accompanied the Prince of Wales on a tour of India.

Abbot wrote several works on the social and political situation in Southeastern Europe. An insightful and shrewd author, he records the the consequences of the Great Powers' intervention in the Balkans during this turbulent period. His works include a study on Greek songs, a collection of folkloric material from Macedonia, a treatise on Thucydides and a book on the relations between Greece and the Allies. For his contribution to Greek causes, he was awarded the decoration of Commander of the Order of the Redeemer.

Sent by the University of Cambridge, Abbot arrived at Macedonia from Serbia in 1900. He stayed in Thessaloniki for some time, before visiting Serres, Sidirokastro, Drama and finally Meleniko. On his return trip he stayed in Kavala and toured Mount Athos. In spite of numerous errors in his clarifications, the few photographs which illustrate his work are of considerable interest, as images from Northern Greece during that period are quite uncommon.

Wriiten by Ioli Vingopoulou

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