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ANDREWS, Mottram, Lieutenant Colonel. A Series of Views in Turkey and the Crimea, from The Embarcation at Gallipoli to the Fall Of Sebastopol, London, Thomas McLean & Co, 1856.

The British lieutenant colonel and painter Mottram Andrews took part in the Crimean war. Immediately after the signing of peace, he published an impressive work which depicts several stages of the war, from the moment when the British fleet arrived at the Dardanelles and joined the French forces to the siege of Sebastopol.

The lithographed plates and the texts which accompany them allow the reader to follow war events, and at the same time describe landscapes, sights, monuments and cities rarely shown in travel accounts and albums. The Album is considered one of the first editions of war correspondence. The drawings were made by Andrews and lithographed by the renowned engraver Sutcliffe, who worked in London and showed his work in numerous exhibitions.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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