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BURROW, Edward John. The Elgin Marbles with an abridged historical and topographical Account of Athens, … illustrated with forty Plates drawn and etched by the Author, London, James Duncan, 1837.

The British author Edward John Burrow (1785-1861) was educated at Cambridge and Oxford. He entered the clergy early in life (1810), taking up various positions throughout England. In 1827 he was appointed principal of a college in Exeter, but resigned from his post a few months later. In 1835 he became civil chaplain and then archdeacon of Gibraltar, remaining there until ill health obliged him to return to England. Burrow was a member of the Royal Society and the author of various, mainly theological works.

This very interesting edition includes a historical and topographical description of Athens, the report of the House of Commons Committee on the Elgin Marbles and a detailed list of these sculptures, the vases, and other antiquities according to the Visconti manuscript. The work is illustrated with many engravings (drawn and etched by the author), depicting the Elgin Marbles and other antiquities from the Acropolis.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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