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161, 162. Ancient Greek inscriptions from Preveza. 163, 165. Ancient Greek inscriptions from church altar in Katochi (ancient Oiniadae). Aetolia and Acarnania. 164. Ancient Greek inscription from Thyrreion (older Agios Vaslileios), Aetolia and Acarnania. The inscription was discovered by the author on the wall of a house. 166, 167. Ancient Greek inscriptions from Vonitsa. 169. Ancient Greek inscription from church at Paramythia.

Alternative Title

No. 161. At Prévyza. No. 162. At Prévyza. No. 163. At Katokhí, a stone in tha altar of the church of Pandeleimina. No. 164. At Ai Vasíli, on a stele 1 1/2 foot high, crowned with a pediment, in the wall of a private house. No. 165. At Ai Vasíli, on a stone like No. 166. At Vónitza, in the same quarter as No. 167. No. 167. At Vónitza, in a house in Bokáli. No. 169. At Paramythía, in a church.



Bibliographic Citation

LEAKE, William Martin. Travels in Northern Greece, vol. IV, Amsterdam, Adolf M. Hakkert, 1967.


Aetolia and Acarnania
Central Greece


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