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Kalamos - Fenerbahçe (3 Subjects)

View of Istanbul from Fenerbahçe.


The quarter of Fenerbahçe south of Kadiköy, on the Asian coast of the Bosporus.


View of Istanbul. 1. Heptapyrgion or Yedikule castle 3. Fenerbahçe quarter. 4. Port of Kadiköy. 5-6. Scutari palace. 7. Tower of Leander. 8. Port of Scutari. 9.10 Tophane quarter and street market. 11. Galata and Pera district. 12. Shipyards of Kasımpaşa. 13. New Mosque (Mosque of Valide Sultan) 14. Palace of Porphyrogenitus.