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Qift / anc. Coptos / Justinianopolis (3 Subjects)

View and plan of temple in Qus (anc. Apollonopolis Parva). View and plan of temple in Luxor (anc. Thebes). View and plan of temple and bridge in Qift (anc. Coptos / Justinianopolis).


Statue that Richard Pococke bought in Qift (anc. Coptos) and carried away to Great Britain.


Foot of bronze statue from Myconos island, which John Montagu Sandwich brought to Great Britain. (Α). Foot of colossal marble statue discovered by R. Pococke in Asia Minor (Β). Bronze statue bought by R. Pococke at the bazaar of Aleppo in Syria (C). Lamp from Qift (anc. Coptus) in Egypt (D).