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Sketches of the Ionian Islands

This rare album of the Gennadius Library is comprised of watercolours showing remarkable locations at the town of Corfu and surrounding area. The drawings date from the 1830's and their creator is unknown. Pencil-written notes on each watercolour specify the subject-matter of each drawing. Several of the paintings are in colour, and others in sepia.

The album also includes some views of Ioannina and the coast of modern-day Albania opposite Corfu. The artist renders his subject with realism,. Both the serene landscape of the island with its rich vegetation, and the built environment, mainly Venetian architecture, convey a sense of tranquility. Human figures in snapshots of everyday life add vividness to the compositions and offer a precious testimony on traditional costume.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

Sketches of the Ionian Islands - Epirus

Sketches of the Ionian Islands - Rest Images