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RANDOLPH, Bernard. The present state of the Islands in the Archipelago (Or Arches), Sea of Constantinople, and Gulf of Smyrna; With the Islands of Candia, and Rhodes... [etc.] Oxford, 1687.

Bernard Randolph was an English merchant. He stayed in the East for approximately nine years and toured the Peloponnese, the Aegean islands, Crete and Rhodes. Randolph is precise and pragmatic in his text, and does not offer many details. He gives testimony of his personal experience without borrowing material from earlier travel accounts. Randolph left us one of the first travel chronicles, that is, a narrative of an actual journey in Greek terrirories, something unusual for his era. Also uncommon is the fact that he is interested in the contemporary state of the countries he visited rather than the antiquities.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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