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MAURAND, Jérome. Itinéraire de Jérome Maurand d'Antibes à Constantinople (1544). Texte italien publié pour la première fois..., Paris, Ernest Leroux, MDCCCCI [=1901].

Jérome Maurand was a French clergyman, born in Antibes. As a priest, he accompanied French admiral Polin when the French fleet escorted the Ottoman fleet under Hayreddin Barbarossa from Marseilles (23 May 1544) to Istanbul, within the Ottoman-French alliance. Five French galleys, among which “Reale” escorted Barbarossa's fleet during this diplomatic mission. The French fleet accompanied the Ottoman ships while the latter attacked several cities on the western coast of Italy, on their way to the Ottoman capital. The two fleets parted ways in Sicily and the French mission sailed on on its own. Maurand reached Istanbul on 10th August and remained there until the 9th of September, when the fleet sailed back to Toulon, which they reached on 2nd October 1544.

The chronicle of this journey was composed in Italian, and was enriched by highly interesting drawings of ports and fortress. It was translated into French in the early 20th century. Although he stayed in the city for only a short time, Maurand describes the bazaar and some monuments. The occurences in Zakynthos and Methoni are also very interesting. In addition, Maurand is one of the first travellers to visit Delos and describe ancient remains and inscriptions found on the island.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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