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HORNER, Johann Jakob. Bilder des griechischen Alterthums oder Darstellung der berühmtesten Gegenden und der wichtigsten Kunstwerke des alten Griechenlandes, Zurich, Orell, Füssli and Co., MDCCCXXIII [=1823].

Johann Jakob Horner (1772-1831) possessed a deep knowledge of art history of art and was also an accomplished literary critic. His articles on the lives of various artists were published in a number of art reviews. The present edition is an album with articles, descriptions and images of Greek antiquities, which was praised by Goethe among others. It includes engravings and drawings by J. Stuart and N. Revett (the monument of Lysicrates, a plan of the Parthenon, etc.), W. M. Leake (topography of Athens), W. Gell, C.R. Cockerell (a plan of the Acropolis), M.G.F.A. Choiseul-Gouffier (a restoration of ancient Assos), as well as views of Troy and the Argolid, accompanied by corresponding commentaries. There are also drawings of ancient vases, reliefs (including metopes from the temple of Apollo Epicurius in Phigaleia), coins and busts of eminent ancient Greeks, mainly housed in the museums of Vienna and Rome.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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