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[ENDERLIN, Jacob]. Archipelagus Turbatus, Oder Deß Schönen Griechen-Lands..., Augsburg, Jacob Enderlin, MDCLXXXVI [=1686].

Jacob Enderlin was a German engraver and publisher, descended from Suabia. He became known for his historical and geographical editions in the late 17th century. His works include for the most part prints related to the campaigns of the Holy League against the Ottoman (1684-1690). Enderlin's work was based on the publications of Vincenzo Maria Coronelli, which began in 1686. Enderlin published at least one work every year, down to 1693. Several of the plates illustrating his works are copies of earlier similar engravings. He copied and enhanced several plates from the isolario of T. Porcacchi (1620), S. Münster's cosmography (1544), and the series of human types by N. de Nicolay (1563), with great skill and technique.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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