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SCHRANZ, Joseph. Le Bosphore et Constantinople, dessinés d'après nature, Istanbul, [ca. 1850].

The Austrian draughtsman and painter Josef Schranz captured snapshots from everyday life in Istanbul, which he drew from nature. This Album, composed of fifteen lithographs etched after his drawings, was printed in Istanbul in the mid-19th century. It includes views of the Bosporus, monuments of the city and a view of Bursa.

The plates showing human types were lithographed and coloured by lithographer A. J. B. Bayot (1810-1871), a well-known painter who has born in Alexandria and died in Italy. Bayot participated in the yearly Salon of Paris in 1863 and in 1866. The panoramic views were lithographed by French painter and draughtsman L. J. B. Sabatier, who participated in the Salon from 1827 to 1870. The details from everyday life which have been added to the foreground of these views give the pictures a light picturesque note.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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