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PETITOT, Ennemond Alexandre. Mascarade à la grecque. D'apres les deseins origineaux tirès du cabinet de Monsieur le Marquis de Felino Premier Ministre de S.A.R..., Parma, MDCCLXXI [=1771].

The French architect Ennemond Alexandre Petitot (1727-1801) was born in Lyon and died in Parma. Petitot first studied at the Paris Academy of Architecture. In 1746 he moved to Italy and continued his studies at the French Academy of Rome. He was professor at the newly founded Academy of Parma, and was proclaimed first official architect to the court of the Duke of Parma in 1753. He renovated several of the city's buildings and organized the wedding celebration of the Duke of Parma and Marie-Amèlie of the House of Habsburg in 1769 including the decoration of the ceremony.

This edition shows a graceful series of disguises based on the original designs of Marquess de Felino's workshop. Men and women are dressed in costumes composed of architectural features and Greek decorative elements. The author himself is depicted in one of the plates, dressed “in Greek fashion”.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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