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MILLO, Antonio. Isolario, Agamemnon Tselikas (transl.), Athens, AdVenture, 2006.

Antonio Millo or da Millo was a Greek sailor and cartographer. Born on Milos island, he lived in Venice in the end of the 16th century and drew several maritime charts, portolani, atlases and isolaria (books on islands, with maps and descriptions of the islands of the world).

Antonio was born on Milos island, possibly around 1540 and flourished in Venice. Himself a sailor and a captain, he drew detailed maps with thorough information, sourced from his personal experience. Today, the manuscripts of at least nine isolaria drawn by Millo from 1582 to 1591 are preserved in libraries at Venice, Berlin, Rome, London and Warsaw. They include maps of nearly all the islands of the Mediterranean and some descriptions of the islands of the Caribbean and the Indian ocean.

Like all similar works, the present isolario is enriched by engravings already published in contemporary editions. Antonio marks perilous waters on the maps of his isolaria, and uses the place names found in contemporary portolani.

The present edition includes all the island maps of Antonio da Millo, a transcription of the Italian text manuscript, a translation of the text into Greek and English, and a thorough index.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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