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[PROBST, Georg Balthasar. Constantinople and Seville, Paris, 1780.]

The album includes a few plates by famous German artist, engraver and editor Georg Balthasar Probst (1732-1801). Probst was born in Augsburg, where several members of his family worked as editors and engravers. Probst created portraits but above all several plates of great dimensions, copper engravings which show panoramic views of several cities of Europe (London, Berlin, Seville, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Copenhague, Rotterdam, Vienna, Venice, Geneva, Rome, Dresden, Paris, Zurich, Turin, Prague, Moscow etc.) as well as Alexandria, Saint Petersburg, Jerusalem, Palmyra and other cities of the world.

The copper engravings were vividly coloured. Commonly, special devices would be set up in the central squares of the cities, so that the public could experience panoramic views of these cities. Today, Probst's works are sold as loose plates in auctions at high prices. Several of them were etched by his son, Georg Matthäus Probst. Many show imaginary views of well-known monuments and locations.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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