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[MORENO, José.] Viage à Constantinopla, en el Ano de 1784, escrito de orden superior, Madrid [Lazaro Gayguer], 1790.

This interesting account describes the expedition of the Spanish Navy to Constantinople in 1784. It is based on the manuscript of Don Gabriel de Aristizabal, who was commander of the mission. José Moreno (1748-1792?) was not a member of the mission. For this publication he relied on the admiral's notes, on Greek and Latin sources, and all the significant travel accounts published up until 1790, such as the texts by R. Pococke, E. Browne, G.A. Olivier and others. Many of the drawings in this edition were made by A. Aguardo, J. Velasquez and Jean-Baptiste Van Mour. In addition to the Spanish voyage, the chronicle explores Ottoman history, customs, religion and military organization, as well as the monuments of the Ottoman capital.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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