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Temple of Athena Polias in Priene: Architectural features such as base of column, capital, helix, cymatium and others, (shaded drawing). Fig. I: A square Base, with the lower part of a Column, found near each other, by the South East angle of the Temple. Fig. II: One of the Fronts of a Square Capital, which has four faces, and a Plinth upon the Abacus. A Section through the Stems of the Volutes, in front of the Capital. Fig. III: The Semi-profile of the same Capital. Fig. IV: A Section through the Cymatium of the Architrave. Fig. V: A Fragment of the Lacunaria...Fig. VI: The Cornice, which belonged to the Peristyle within the Peribolus. Fig.VII: A Section through an Architrave, belonging to the same Entablature as the above Cornice did, and found near it, among the ruins at the front of the Peribolus.

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The Contents of the foregoing Plate shaded.



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Society of Dilettanti. Ionian Antiquities published with Permission of the Society of Dilettanti, by R. Chandler, M.A. F.S.A. N. Revett, Architect; W. Pars, Painter, London, For T. Spilsbury and W. Haskell, MDCCLXIX [=1769].

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