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Nautical chart of part of the Mediterranean: Almeria to Valencia and the adjacent coast of northern Africa.

Alternative Title

A chart of the sea coast of Spain from Cape de Gata to Cape St. Martin. And of the Sea coast of Barbary and of the sea coast of Barbary, from Cape de Hone to Cape de Tenes.



Bibliographic Citation

The English pilot. Part III: Describing the Sea-coasts, Capes, Head-lands, Bays, Roads, Harbours, Rivers and Ports; together with the Soundings, Sands, Rocks and Dangers in the whole Mediterranean Sea, likewise the Courses and Distances from one Place to another. The Setting of the Tides and Currents. The Ebbing and Flowing of the Sea. The Bearing, Distance and Prospect of the Land, and how thwy shew themselves at Sea. Carefully corrected, with new Additions of several Ports, Harbours, Bays, and Prospects of Land, never before made Public, London, Printed for J. Mount, and T. Page, MDCCLXXI [=1771].




The Gennadius Library - The American School of Classical Studies at Athens