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The Dodecanese, opposite Asia Minor, between Samos and Crete, include twenty-six bigger and smaller islands, which were very prosperous in antiquity and played an important part in all subsequent periods, as they were situated on the main maritime routes of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Maps of these islands are included in all isolaria, in manuscript or in print, from the 15th to the early 18th century, while their ports are found in every significant historical and geographical work and port index.

The biggest of the islands, Rhodes, attracted several visitors and provided many subjects for illustration, thanks to its strategic port, the city of the Knights Hospitaller and its ancient monuments.

Kos, the island of Hippocrates, father of medicine, and Patmos with its significant monastery andthe cave of the Apocalypse, and the costumes of the islands' inhabitants are some of the subjects of the illustrations found in travel accounts.

1420 Buondelmonti, Cr.

1485 Sonetti, B. Dalli

1486 Breydenbach, B. von

1493 Schedel, H.

1502 Breydenbach, B. von

1513 Adelphus, J.A.M.

1547  Bordone, B.

1582-91 Antonio Millo

1554 Belon, P.

1556 Thevet, An.

1574 Camocio, G.Fr.

1598 Rosaccio, G.

1598 /1859 Vecellio, C.

1600 Bianco Noe

1612 Breuning von Buchenbach, H.J.

1615 Beauvau, H. de

1619  Cootwijck, J. van

1620  Porcacchi, Τ.

1649 Somer, J.

1658  Boschini, M.

1659  Bosio, Giacomo / Boissat, Pierre de

1660 Laurenberg, J.

1661 Somer, J.

1686 Enderlin, J.

1686 Sandrart, J. Von

1687 Sandrart, J. von

1688, Piacenza, Fr

1688 Coronelli, V.M. / Parissoti, An.

1688 Dapper, Ol. (“Archipel”)

1690 Peeters, J.

1707 Blount, H.

1714 Van Mour, J.B.

1714 Bruyn, C. de

1717 Tournefort, J. Pitton de

1727 Thevenot, J.

1752 Thompson, Ch.

1759 Egmont, J.A. van / Heymann, J.  

1780 Chanlaire P. G.

1782 Choiseul-Gouffier, M.G.F.A. (comte de)

1803 Mayer, L.

1804 Dalvimart, Oc.

1804 Roux, J.

1812 Castellan, A.L.

1813 - 14 Clarke, Ed.D.

1820 Walpole, R.

1827 Eyriès, J.B.B.

1828 Rottiers, B.

1828 Stackelberg, O.M. von

1830 Bröndsted, P.Ol.

1836 - 38 Carne, J.

1842-1885 /1984  Album

1843  Allan, J.H.

1848 Estourmel, J. d’(Comte)

1854 Fellows, Ch. / Scharf, G.

1867 Rey, Et.

1869 Busch. M.

1918 Wrede, Maria Elisabeth

1919 Jeancard, P.


Written by Ioli Vingopoulou