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Aegean islands

Maps of the Aegean islands, in particular the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, Northern Sporades and the islands of Northeastern Aegean were included in all isolaria, in manuscript or in print, from the 15th to the early 18th century.

Situated on the main maritime routes to and from the Eastern Mediterranean or Istanbul, those islands provided abundant material for illustrations, mainly views of ports, female costumes and depictions of sights and monuments.

Some accounts of voyages constitute landmarks in the evolution of travel literature. Some of them dealt exclusively with the Aegean archipelago and exerted important influence on all later journeys and the texts which resulted from them. Among these classics of the Aegean Sea are Ol. Dapper's geographic treatise, “Archipel”, (1688), the travel accounts by J. Pitton de Tοurnefort (1717) and M.G.F.A. comte de Choiseul-Gouffier (1782) and the albums by photographer Fr. Fr. Boissonnas.

Several islands of the Aegean sea are away from the maritime routes and thus were visited by just a few Western European travellers, who came with a specific purpose, such as archaeological exploration. Towards the late 19th century however, when means of transportation and travelling conditions improved, nearly all the islands were visited by travellers and pictures of these islands became highly popular.   

1420 Buondelmonti, Cr.

1485 Sonetti, B. Dalli

1486 Breydenbach, B. von

1513 Adelphus, J.A.M.

1544 Maurand, J.

1547  Bordone, B.

1554 Belon, P.

1556 Thevet, An.

1574 Camocio, G.Fr.

1580 Nicolay, N.  De

1598 Rosaccio, G.

1600 Bianco Noe

1612 Breuning von Buchenbach, H.J.

1615 Beauvau, H. de

1618 Basilicata, Fr.

1619  Cootwijck, J. van

1620 Porcacchi, Τ.

1624 Deshayes, L. (Baron de Courmenin)

1658  Boschini, M.

1681 Struys, J.J.

1682 Wheler, G.

1686 Sandrart, J. Von

1687 Randolph, B.

1688 Piacenza, Fr.

1688 Coronelli, V.M.

1688 Coronelli, V.M. / Parissoti, An.

1688 Dapper, Ol. (“Archipel”)

1707 Blount, H.

1712 Lucas, P.

1714 Van Mour, J.B.

1714 Bruyn, C. de

1717 Tournefort, J. Pitton de

1727 La Mottraye, A. de

1743 - 45 Pococke, R.

1751-52 Dalton, R.

1754 Drummond, Al.

1761 Paciaudi, P.M.

1769 Calvert, Fr. (Βaron Βaltimore)

1780 Chanlaire P. G.

1782 Choiseul-Gouffier, M.G.F.A. (comte de)

1789 Craven, El.

1794 Stuart, J. / Revett, N.

1800 Album of 18 original drawings in sepia

1801 Olivier, G.An.

1804 Dalvimart, Oc.

1804 Roux, J.

1807 Bartholdy, J.L.S.

1807 Wilkins, W.

1812 Castellan, A.L.

1813 - 14 Clarke, Ed.D.

1816 Stuart, J. / Revett, N.

1822 Choiseul-Gouffier, M.G.F.A. (comte de)

1824 Leake, W.M.

1825 Dupré, L.

1827 Deval, Ch.

1828 Rottiers, B.

1828 Stackelberg, O.M. von

1829 Album containing 77 original watercolour drawings

1829 Emerson Tennent, J.

1829-32, 1833-35 Peytier, Eug.

1830 Friedel, Ad.

1832 Friedel, Ad.

1832  Barthélemy, J.J.

1834 Stackelberg, O.M. von

1835 Pouqueville, Fr.-Ch.-H.-L.

1835 Auldjo J.

1836 - 38 Carne, J.

1843  Allan, J.H.

1843 Du Moncel, Th.

1846 Leake, W.M.

1848 Estourmel, J. d’(Comte)

1867 Rey, Et.

1882 Wordsworth, Chr.

1887 Schweiger Lerchenfeld, A. Von

1894 Baedeker, K.

1918 Wrede, Maria Elisabeth

1919 Jeancard, P.

1919 Baud-Bovy, D. / Boissonnas Fr.

1923 Reisinger, Er.

1928 Perilla, Fr.

1932 Puaux, R.

1953 Argenti, Ph.

Piraeus and Ports

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou