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Crete was a Venetian dominion until 1669. As a main stoppover on the pilgims' journey to the Holy Land, Chandax (Heraklion) was among the first ports to be depicted in illustrated travel accounts. At the same time, from the 15th to the 18th century Crete is mapped in all important isolaria.

In addition, the military events which took place during the prolonged siege of the island by the Ottomans provided subjects for illustration, aside from the corresponding descriptions in several texts. The first naturalists who explored the inland were P. Belon in the mid-16th century and J. Pitton de Tournefort in the early 18th century. Thus, the illustrations of their works are the first to depict specific subjects related to Crete, mainly flora and fauna.

From the mid-19th century onwards the new technique of photography coexists with older modes of representation (drawings, wood engravings and water colour). The main subjects are the impressive natural landscape and the splendid sights of Crete, along with pictures related to the political and military events which took place on the island at the time.

1420 Buondelmonti, Cr.

1485 Sonetti, B. Dalli

1502 Breydenbach, Ber. von

1547  Bordone, B.

1554 Belon, P.

1556 Thevet, An.

1574 Camocio, G.Fr.

1582-91 Antonio Millo

1587 Zuallart, J.

1598 Rosaccio, G.

1598 / 1859 Vecellio, C.

1600 Bianco Noe

1615 Beauvau, H. de

1618 Basilicata, Fr.

1619  Cootwijck, J. van

1620 Porcachhi, T.

1658  Boschini, M.

1669 Palmer, R. (Earl of Castlemaine)

1686 Sandrart, J. Von

1686 Peeters, J.

1686 Enderlin, J.

1687 Sandrart, J.

1688 Piacenza, Fr.

1688 Coronelli, V.M.

1688 Dapper, Ol.

1690 Peeters, J.

1708 Coronelli, V.M. 

1717, Moll, H.

1717 Tournefort, J. Pitton de

1743 - 45 Pococke, Richard

1771 Seller, J.

1780 Chanlaire P. G.

1800 Grasset de Saint Sauveur, An.

1801 Olivier, G.An.

1804 Roux, J.

1820 Walpole, R.

1823 Sieber, F.W.

1823 Bory de St. Vincent, J.B.

1825 Griechenland

1833-34 Le Blanc, Th.

1837 Pashley, R. 

1842-1885 /1984 Album

1848 Estourmel, J. d’(Comte)

1864 Lear, Ed.

1867 Rey, Et.

1890 Mahaffy, J.P.

1907 Van Den Brule, Al.

1919 Baud-Bovy, D. / Boissonnas Fr.

1925 Willoughby, Vera

Piraeus and Ports

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou