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Macedonia is included in some isolaria and other early modern historical and geographical works, either as general area or with a focus on specific sites. From the mid-18th century onwards the antiquities of Thessaloniki occupy an important place in the illustration of travel accounts. Mount Athos, this unique and exceptional place of Orthodoxy, provides singular subjects of illustration from the 16th century onwards, and especially during the 19th.

From this period and until the early 20th, several travellers come to Macedonia because they are involved one way or another in the nationalistic confrontations of Southeastern Europe, and often serve the political interests of European powers. They produced important archaeological, political, religious and anthropological research, had that been the actual purpose of their visits or not.

A recently published album includes the major part of the hitherto known graphic material on Thessaloniki and its surrounding area. Illustrations of the other large cities of Macedonia are found mainly in 19th century editions.

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Patieridis G. / Stamatis, Κ.

Piraeus and Ports

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou