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Thessaly is framed by the chain of Pindus on the west, imposing Mount Olympus on the north and Mount Pelion, house of the mythical Centaurs, on the east. It was not widely visited in the first centuries of travel from western Europe. However, the famous monasteries of Meteora attracted the visitors' interest.

The valley of Tempi inspired artistic and intellectual creation in western Europe in several ways and became a subject of representation already in the 15th century, together with Mount Olympus. The city of Larissa, a commercial nexus as well as the Sultans' recreational resort, and the port of Volos in the Pagasetic Gulf are also found in maps and illustrations.

In the 19th century, the natural beauty of the region, human types and their costume as well as the Orthodox monasteries in Meteora are popular as illustration subjects in travel accounts.

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Written by Ioli Vingopoulou