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As it possesses at least three important ports on the maritime routes of the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus was included in all printed isolaria already in the 15th century. Furthermore, all pilgrim chronicles were illustrated with views of its ports.

The siege of the island by the Ottomans and related military events are the subjects of several engravings. From the 18th century onwards the main antiquities of the island were drawn or depicted in travel works, while in the 19th century a multitude of British travellers visited the island and legated diverse images (engravings, water colours, photographs, drawings etc.), including many scenes from everyday life in Cyprus.

1485 Sonetti, B. Dalli

1547  Bordone, B.

1556 Thevet, An.

1574 Camocio, G.Fr.

1582-91 Antonio Millo

1587 Zuallart, J.

1598 Rosaccio, G.

1600 Bianco Noe

1615 Beauvau, H. de

1618 Basilicata, Fr.

1619  Cootwijck, J. van

1620 Porcacchi, T.

1624 Deshayes, L. (Baron de Courmenin)

1659  Bosio, Giacomo / Boissat, Pierre de

1661 Somer, J.

1686 Sandrart, J. Von

1687 Sandrart, J.

1688 Piacenza, Fr.

1688 Dapper, Ol. (“Archipel”)

1690 Peeters, J.

1712 Lucas, P.

1714 Bruyn, C. de

1717, Moll, H.

1743 - 45 Pococke, R.

1752 Thompson, Ch.

1754 Drummond, Al.

1771 Seller, J.

1803 Mayer, L.

1804 Roux, J.

1812 Castellan, A.L.

1813 - 14 Clarke, Ed.D.

1818 Light, H.

1836 - 38 Carne, J.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou