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Visapur (3 Subjects)

1. Ruby bought by the uncle of the King of the Mongols in India for 90.000 rupees. The ruby was presented to the king on its birthday. 3,4. Rubies belonging to the king of Visapur, India. 5. Ruby belonging to affluent merchant from Varanasi, India. 6. Topaz belonging to the Mongol king of India.


1-2: Golden coins of the Sultanate of Golkonda, India. 3-4: Coins of the kingdom of Visapur, India. 5,6. Coins of the Maharajah of Karnataka, India. 7-8. Coins of the Maharajah of Vellore, India. 9-12. Coins of the Maharajahs of Karnataka and Vellore. 13-17. Coins of the region of Coromandel at the eastern coast of India.


Celebration at the streets of Visapur, India, for the wedding of the daughter of the local governor.