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ADELPHUS, i.e. Johann Adolph Meulich

Johannes Adelphus (1445-c.1522), also surnamed Müling ή Mulichius, was a German physician and author of religious, historical and geographic works. Adelphus, who possessed a multi-faceted humanist education, lived mainly in Strasbourg (1505-1514) and collaborated with H. Grüninger's publishing house. In 1516 Adelphus moved to Schlaffhausen, where he practiced as a physician. He later settled in Triers and published several works. He returned to Schlaffhausen in 1520 and finally passed away in that city.

Adelphus became widely known as a chronicler. In addition, he translated works by humanist philosopher, scholar and poet Marsilio Ficino, wrote works n the Passion of Christ and became distinguished for his translation of Erasmus' “Enchiridion militis Christiani”.

The present edition is a chronicle of the Ottoman empire illustrated with wood engravings. According to the aesthetics of the era, depictions are on the whole imaginary and reproduce images already published in contemporary editions.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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