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GIRONI, Robustiano

Robustiano Gironi (1769-1838) came from a humble background. He studied in Milan and at a young age became member of the Oblates Congregation in that city. He first taught rhetorics at the college of Gorla. He stayed in that position until 1796 and later continued his teaching in Milan. In 1803 Gironi was secretary of the Ministry of Interior of the Italian Republic founded by Napoleon. Later on, Gironi became a member of the staff of Brera Library. By 1808, he was a librarian in that institution, and in 1817 was appointed head librarian by emperor Francis I. In addition, he was honoured for his work by the Academy of Fine Arts.

Gironi contributed to a number of literary reviews, often without signing his articles, which testify to his deep erudition. As an excellent latinist, he composed several funeral and other inscriptions in Latin. Furthermore, he knew Classical Greek as well as several modern languages. Gironi wrote several works, but is known above all for his books on the life of the ancient Greeks, that is, his studies on costume, dance, wedding customs, music, architecture and theatre.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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