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Carl Ludwig Frommel (1789-1863) was a German engraver and landscape painter. He studied in Karlsruhe, visited Paris and became famous in Italy in the years 1812-1817. During his stay in London in 1824, he became acquainted with the latest techniques in engraving (steel engraving) and set up his own workshop in Karlsruhe.

This album contains thirty reproductions of works by C.R. Cockerell, H.W. Williams and others, as well as some illustrations from J.J. Barthélemy's "Le Voyage du jeune Anacharsis…", with accompanying texts in German and French and extracts from Greek and Roman authors (Pausanias, Cicero, Homer, Virgil, Strabo, Pindar, Herodotus, Hesychius, Sophocles). It includes also views of Phigaleia, Plateae, Orchomenos, Thebes, Argos, the Strophades Islands, the Acrocorinth, Mount Cithaeron, the Acropolis of Athens, Marathon, Olympia, Parnassus, Delphi, Eleusis, Livadeia, the Acroceraunian Mountains, Plato’s Academy, Corinth and Ioannina. Frommel repeats the errors of earlier authors as to the identification of the ancient temples at Sounion and on Aegina.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

FROMMEL, Carl - Epirus

FROMMEL, Carl - Rest Images