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FARRER, Richard Ridley

Richard Ridley Farrer travelled in the Greek State in 1880. With nothing extraordinary, this edition is illustrated by twenty-seven wood engravings based on drawings by Lord Windsor. Of special interest is the detailed map of Continental Greece, with inset maps of Corfu and the Cyclades. The Appendix contains advice on interacting with the natives, instructions on how to reach various areas and suggestions for a more comfortable trip. Farrer started out from Brindisi and visited Corfu, Athens – he speaks of the ancient city as well – Sounion, Marathon, Thebes, Chalcis, the Argolid, Arcadia, Olympia, Pyrgos. He ended his journey on Zacynthos.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

FARRER, Richard Ridley - Epirus

FARRER, Richard Ridley - Rest Images