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The only information we have on the author of this singular album is what he himself gives in the foreword. It would seem that a party of four men, probably Irish, decided to spend a year travelling in the warm Mediterranean, enjoying the sun and their favourite pastime, hunting. Thus, the author and illustrator sailed to Iceland to meet Captain Bob (or Henry). After making the necessary preparations and acquiring provisions (wines, fish, soups and eggs), the company sailed to Lisbon in November 1859. The party was composed of Dr Allan or Close, Sir Jocelyn Coghill (an Irish scientist known in photographers’ cycles), Captain Bob and the author Smith (O’Hara?). After visiting Gibraltar, Malaga, Alicante and Malta, the company arrived in Corfu. They then visited Buthrotum (Butrint) on the opposite coast and continued on northwards to Aulon (Vlorë) and Rijeka, to end up in Messina and finally Naples. The present edition, which circulated in a limited number of copies, includes mainly drawings with amusing moments from the travellers’ stay in various ports, accompanied by short commentaries on the incidents.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

O’HARA (SMITH) - - Epirus

O’HARA (SMITH) - - Rest Images