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BANSE Ewald. Die Türkei. Eine Moderne Geographie, Berlin/Βraunschweig/Hamburg 1919.

The German geographer Ewald Banse (1883-1953) was a fervent supporter of the expansion of the German National State (the Reich), even by military means. He championed Nazism and Hitler’s leadership through various publications, and was also an admirer of Kemal Atatürk. Banse taught Geography at the Technical College of his native city Braunschweig and at many universities. He travelled widely in the East and Africa. From 1907 to 1953 he published some thirty geographical works, and twenty more of a literary nature. He advocated the thorough Europeanization of all “eastern” peoples, even if that meant their extermination.

In the introduction to this work, first published in 1915, Banse adopts the new approach to the discipline of Geography, which is no longer a mere enumeration of geophysical data. He sees history and therefore the study of peoples as a combination of historical and geographical parameters. In this spirit, he expounds not only on the geography of Turkey but also on its history, economy and relations with Germany.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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