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PIACENZA, Francesco. L' Egeo redivivo, o'sia chorographia dell'Arcipelago, e dello stato primiero, & atuale di quellisole, regni, cittaà, popolationi, dominij, costumi, sito, & imprese..., Modena, Soliani, 1688.

Francesco Piacenza (1637-1687) was an Italian jurist, diplomat and chess player. He was professor of civil and canon law and secretary to the Catholic Embassy in Germany; as a chess player, he was able to travel widely in Italy and other European countries.

Piacenza published a treatise on chess, outlining strategies of attack and defence. After his exploration of the Aegean islands, he wrote a thorough and systematic description of the Aegean Sea, with maps of all the islands, and a short exposition on Central Greece and the Peloponnese.

Piacenza's work was published posthumously. It includes engravings of excellent quality, while the description of the islands covers approximately seven hundred pages; Piacenza sourced this material from earlier isolaria, and nautical and geographical works. Finally, the edition is completed by an extremely interesting index.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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