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ESTOURMEL, Joseph d’, Comte

Joseph Count of Estourmel (1783-1853) travelled the Greek coast from June 1832 to September 1833. Already in his fifties, with this trip he fulfilled the desire of his youth to see the East. On this voyage to Greece, Asia Minor, Egypt and Syria he met other well-known travellers-political figures, such as J. Michaud, L. Fauvel and others. The chronicle of his journey was published in 1844 under the title "Journal d’un Voyage en Orient". Although Estourmel was travelling together with Swiss painter J.J. Wolfensberger, whose drawings illustrate numerous travel chronicles of the time, the lithographs in this album are based mainly on his own sketches. Through them we can outline his itinerary: Corfu, Zitsa, Dodone, Nicopolis, Leucas, Missolonghi, Corinth, Cenchreae, Athens, Rhodes, Halicarnassus (Bodrum), Smyrna, the Holy Land, Cairo, Suez, Alexandria, Crete, Malta.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

ESTOURMEL, Joseph d’, Comte - Epirus

ESTOURMEL, Joseph d’, Comte - Rest Images