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JOLY, Alexis Victor. Vues de la Grèce moderne, Lithographiées par A.J., accompagnées d'un texte descriptif, par E.L., Paris, Imprimerie de Dondey-Dupré, MDCCCXXIV [=1824].

The French painter and lithographer Alexis-Victor Joly (1798-1874) first exhibited his works in the yearly Salon of Paris in 1817, and participated periodically in that exhibition down to 1870. Joly started his career as a painter, and later worked mainly as draughtsman and lithographer; however, he kept making watercolours. He painted above all mountain and forest landscapes of the French and Swiss Alps, and to a lesser degree landscapes of Italy and Brittany. Joly's works are housed today in several museums of France as well as Britain and the USA, and in French and Australian libraries.

The present edition includes nine lithographs, inspired by the work of British writer and painter W. Haygarth (1814). The introduction and explanatory texts are signed with the initials E. L. All the plates are accompanied by short excerpts from Ovid, Aeschylus, Cicero, Heliodorus, Marcus Lollius, Euripides, Strabo, Homer and the travellers G. Wheler and W. Haygarth.

Written by Ioli Vingopoulou

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